MedX Knee Pillow

MedX Knee Pillow

MedX Knee Pillow
MedX Knee Pillow

Product Description:
MedX Knee Pillow is constructed using medical grade materials and designed with sizes and measurements that are ideal for providing optimal comfort and knee support. It comes with a breathable cover that enables air circulation and ensures that the pillow does not warm your legs. As it is also designed as a memory foam, it is constructed with excellent firmness to make sure that your knees are perfectly spread, relieving pains brought about by pregnancy, sciatica, Baker cyst, and back, leg, or knee injury.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for the Knees: This memory foam cushion comes with a breathable cover that will provide comfortable night and enable sound sleeping without you getting too warm.
  • Relieves Pregnancy Pain: Unlike bulky wrap pillows, the knee pillow is ideal for expecting mothers. It is comfortable, breathable, and ideally positioned to help relieve back, hip, and leg pain during pregnancy.
  • Relieves Sciatica: If you are having problems with your sciatic nerve, this pillow encourages you to spread your hips while resting to help you alleviate painful and restless nights.
  • Wedge Pillow: The MedX pillow is designed to fit perfectly between your knees.

Who Is It For?
The MedX Knee Pillow is perfect for individuals experiencing back problems that extend towards the legs and the knees. Made with medical grade materials, the orthopedic knee pillow is specifically designed to relieve pain and help provide comfortable and pain-free sleeping. It is best for expecting mothers complaining about pregnancy related pain due to growing uterus, excess weight, and hip and waist problem.

Product Specifications:

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