LSO Back Brace for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

LSO Back Brace for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

LSO Back Brace for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis
LSO Back Brace for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

Product Description:
The LSO Sciatica back brace is a uniquely designed disc unloader that serves as a back support to ease back pain and take pressure off your lumbar discs by shifting load to your abdominal region instead. Made with lightweight and soft materials, the lumbosacral support is breathable and does not irritate the skin, making your feel comfortable every time you are wearing it. The anterior and posterior panels of the sciatica back brace can hold inserts for gel packs that provide your choice of cold or hot therapy.

Product Features:

  • Fast and Instant Relief: This spinal back brace alleviates back pain by removing the pressure off your lumbar discs and shifting it to your abdominal region instead. You can use it while walking, sitting, standing, or doing your day-to-day activities and you will instantly feel the improvement in your back.
  • Hot or Cold Therapy: Both panels of this back brace come with pockets for hot or cold gel packs, allowing you to use it for hot or cold therapy whenever needed.
  • Circumferential Compression: The back brace features a circumferential compression that is designed to increase your blood flow, reduce back pain, and effectively promote healing.
  • Multi-Function: The excellent features of this product such as unloading, compression, and hot and cold therapy makes this back brace a one of a kind device in alleviating and treating back pain.

Who Is It For?
Designed by a professional physiatrist, the LSO Spinal Back Brace aims to help individuals relieve acute and chronic back pain brought about by various back problems and injuries, such as spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated discs, and facet syndrome among others.

Boasting a modular design and circumferential compression, the device helps relieve intradisc pressure by increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and effectively promoting healing. It also features an extended panel to provide additional abdominal support, helping patients experiencing pendulous abdomen or those who simply require additional torso or abdominal support.

Product Specifications:

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